Fine Art

I’m inspired by things that used to be beautiful.

As a fine artist, I enjoy combine and collage work using mixed media, but have been experimenting with portraiture and realism in acrylic most recently. Emotion (happiness, sadness, feelings of loss, hopefulness for the future, etc.) plays a very large role in my work, and tends to fuel my paintings. I am inspired most by the work of Robert Rauschenberg and Anslem Keifer, and the use of found items collected from lives other than my own.

I also enjoy going outside of my more serious subject matter, and painting birdhouses, bears, and exploring a variety of craft-based projects.

Latest Works


Recently I exhibited a new series of works titled “Spirit” at the Kent State University School of Art Downtown Gallery in Kent, Ohio. This series functions as a retelling of the classic Icarus story through acidic colors married with found objects, vintage ephemera, and atmospheric application. The work is heavily influenced by my personal connection to the vibrant and ever-changing world around us, and is autobiographical in nature.


a poem by Larrie King

The premonition,
gold, and warm with death,
could not keep his gaze from the light.

His brittle bones,
his wing, snagged in the egg,
snared him not from his great hope;
To join the sky, with his brothers
and his sisters,
who fashioned for him a way out—
a way up,
from the memories they found
left to rest upon the forest floor.
Beautiful, shining, and blessed, lost things
granted as gifts from the universe
for an unknown purpose.

Into the sky,
as high as he dared to go
and higher still,
until he became one with that
great, big light.
His bones returned to the earth,
received by the onlookers
in love and compassion,
with the gift so beautifully crafted for him
to make whole another, some time from now.

And his spirit
now spreads across the sky—
a light to help show the way.